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Weight Loss Concepts Program Overview

Our program is unlike any other on the market. Our system breaks conventional thinking about what's possible when it comes to weight loss. We get your brain working with you, rather than fighting you the whole step of the way.

Phase 1: Day 1 & 2 Fat Loading/Binge Phase

Fat loading prepares the body and brain for the low caloric diet in PHASE 2.

  • Day 1 – Begin Advance spray 3x in the morning and 3X in the evening.
  • Begin Endure B12 every other day.
  • Record daily weight.
  • Eat 50% more than normal.

Phase 2: Weight Loss

On your diet days your body will start to draw fat from your fat reserves. Day 3 through the remainder of your program (50 days or more)

  • Start eating 5-6x per day and ONLY foods listed in the program manual.
  • Continue taking both the Advance spray as well as the B12 Endure. Also start the LEAN pills during this phase. Take 1 lean with breakfast and 1 lean with lunch.
  • Avoid all foods outside of the program.
  • Weigh yourself every day.

Phase 3: Stabilization

The stabilization phase is to maintain your new weight (21 days). This is a way to exit the program without gaining the weight back. You should stay within 2 lbs. of your goal weight.

  • No starches or sugars.
  • Increase calorie intake.
  • Introduce other foods not on the diet.


During all three phases of the program, you will receive unlimited phone/email support during normal business hours.  We are here to keep you motivated during your program and to help you reach your goal!

The complete program and nutritional menu is below, which explains the program in detail.   Feel free to download it by clicking the download button.


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