Frequently Asked Questions

Will I feel hungry?

Most people feel very full on the program and are actually eating more than they were before.  You will just be eating more healthy nutrient dense foods, 5-6 times per day.  That is what your body needs and will use all of it, allowing it to then attack your fat stores.  We also provide you with high quality nutritional supplements that will increase your metabolism, cut cravings and increase energy.

What is the average weight loss for the program?

Our clients lose an average of three to five+ pounds per week.  The amount you lose can be influenced by individual variables such as age, gender, starting weight and how strictly you follow the program.

Is there HCG in the Advance Spray?

No, none of our products contain HCG.

Am I required to exercise to see results?

No.  You are not required to exercise to see results on this program.  In fact, we ask that our patients limit themselves to non-strenuous exercise (walking, stretching, swimming, yoga) while they are on the program.

Will this give me heart palpations, make me jittery or affect my sleep?

No.  This is not an Rx diet pill like Phentermine.  Most programs that cause heart palpations, jittery sensations, or affect sleep are stimulant based programs which have an end goal of suppressing hunger.  Our program’s goal is for you to lose “fat” while nourishing your body all while being on a nutritious, healthy, low calorie diet.

What happens after I complete the program?  Will I regain my weight?

This is the problem with most diets, you lose the weight eating “diet food” and then eat “regular food” and the weight goes right back on, plus more.  On our program, you eat regular food for the weight loss portion of the program.  After you complete the weight loss portion of the program, you will enter the maintenance program or what we call the stabilization period.  During this portion of the program, we will reintroduce different healthy food options that were absent during the weight loss program.  The end goal is to create a new weight set point so that you do not regain the weight back.

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